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Bored Hockey Fan Podcast Episode 4


Streamed live on Jan 8, 2014
G and Double C talk Varlamov, Winter Classic, Olympic rosters, and bout two of technical difficulties.

BoredHockeyFan Podcast Episode 4 (MP3, 1:14:30)

BHF Podcast

The Bored Hockey Fan Podcast! Episode 2

That’s right. ThatDamnDoubleC and the man known as G talk hockey once again. On this episode, we talk the Sharks and whether they can make a decent playoff run, how long can the Flames and Avalanche go before they fade, and G tells a story about the Oilers Stanley Cup finals run.


BoredHockeyFan Podcast Episode 2 (MP3, 41:04)

That Damn Hockey Blog

That Damn Hockey Blog: Does This Mean Hockey’s Back?

It feels a little weird to be honest. This time last year, every hockey fan knew that there wasn’t going to be any hockey, because we knew that there was going to be a lockout, and we knew it was going to last awhile, so a proper season start seems like heaven. I know there’s an Olympic break in the middle and that’ll make things interesting in terms of how one plays in an attempt to make the Olympic rosters, and with a proper pre-season, the start of the season will see the best players at full stride, as opposed to taking the first month of last season to find their rhythm.

So enjoy pre-season action, cheer your team on. Hockey’s back, and that’s always a good thing.

BHF Podcast

What’s This? A Podcast?

Yeah, @GoftheInternet and myself (@ThatDamnDoubleC), sat down and talked hockey for the first ever Bored Hockey Fan podcast!

Tonight’s episode, we discussed the Olympics, Free Agency, the Seguin/Eriksson trade and much much more!


BoredHockeyFan Podcast Episode 1 (MP3, 53:56)

BHF Fantasy, General

Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League Awards

Welcome to the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League Awards!

There are 13 awards up for grabs, with 8 awards introduced for the 2012-13 season.

Awarded to the team with the league’s top goaltending

2012-13: It’s The Flying V! (GM: ArmchairMVP) and Legs (GM: J)

Awarded to the team who leads the league in points at the end of the regular season

2011-12: Golden Brett’s Skate (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)
Legs (GM: J)

Awarded to the most outstanding rookie GM

2012-13: J (Team: Legs)

Awarded to the team whose goaltending had the fewest goals scored against them in the regular season

2012-13: @GoftheInternet (GM: G)

Awarded to the team with the most goals scored in the regular season

2012-13: Hamilton Tigers (GM: Al Creed) and DarkSideOfTheMoen (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC) – 132 goals

+/- AWARD:
Awarded to the team with the highest +/- statistic n the regular season

2012-13: Hamilton Tigers (GM: Al Creed)

Awarded to the team who exhibited outstanding sportmanship combined with a high standard of scoring ability

2012-13: FistCity CaPs (GM: Mackey Man)

GM with the most moves made throughout the regular season

2011-12: Golden Brett’s Skate (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)
2012-13: DarkSideOfTheMoen (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)

Awarded for fewest moves made by a GM in the regular season, while actively reaching an admirable level of success

2012-13: Legs (GM: J)

Awarded to the top General Manager for the season

2012-13: Legs (GM:J)

Awarded to the best player in the final week of the playoffs, as decided by the winner of the Stanley Cup

2012-13: Jimmy Howard (Team: DarkSideOfTheMoen) (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)

Awarded to the team with the best overall record based on points in the regular season

2011-12: Golden Brett’s Skate (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)
2012-13: Legs (GM: J)

Awarded to the BHF Fantasy League Champion

2011-12: Bad News Bruins (GM: Bruce)
2012-13: DarkSideOfTheMoen (GM: ThatDamnDoubleC)

BHF Fantasy, General

Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Fantasy Stanley Cup Playoffs

Quebec Nordiques. DarkSideOfTheMoen. One week to decide just who will skate away with the Stanley Cup.


This is the final week of the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, only one team can walk away with the Cup. Let’s see how both teams got to this point.

Quebec Nordiques decimated their opponents as the third seed going in. They easily accounted for the sixth seeded GreatNessPerSonified 10-1-2, then steamrolled the second seeded It’s The Flying V! 9-3-1 in the semi finals, and went into the final week, as not only the highest seed left, but as favourites,

DarkSideOfTheMoen however struggled, pulling out all the moves to beat arch-rival @GoftheInternet 7-6 in the first round, before beating surprise packet FistCity CaPs 6-5-2 in the semis, after the CaPs upset the #1 seeded Legs in the first round.

So there it is, the third seeded Quebec Nordiques, against the four seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen. It was 3 vs. 4 in the finals last season, with the four seed winning out. Will the four seed take it again this season? Let’s find out if lightning strikes twice for the 4 seed.
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BHF Fantasy, General

Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Playoffs Week Two

The Semi Finals are over.. only two teams remain in the hunt for Fantasy Stanley Cup glory. Who made it through? Who plays for third place consolation?


They dominated in points, and their goaltending had 8 wins in 10 starts. The third seeded, Quebec Nordiques overcame the second seeded, It’s The Flying V! 9-3-1, to put themselves in the finals.

But just who will be their opponent? Well..

With goaltending of 5 wins from 9 starts, having a better +/- ratio, and scoring one more point than their opponent, DarkSideOfTheMoen have gone one step further in 2012/13, by defeating the eighth seeded, FistCity CaPs 6-5-2, and qaulifying to face Quebec Nordiques in the finals.

So there we have it, the finals have been set, and the last week of playoffs can begin.


2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 8- FistCity CaPs


3- Quebec Nordiques vs. 4- DarkSideOfTheMoen

With a war of words already spreading between the two Stanley Cup finals, it will all come down to who has the better strategy, and which players hit form at the right time. Tune in next week, to see who becomes the 2012/13 Bored Hockey Fan Stanley Cup winner.


BHF Fantasy, General

Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Playoffs Week One

Last week, St. Mucus Ooze and Powers Rangers were eliminated from playoff contention. This week, four more teams joined them on the sidelines, as the first round of playoffs began. Who made it through to the Semi Finals..


President’s Trophy, Number One Seed in the playoffs, none of that could help Legs make it past the first round, as the eight seeded FistCity CaPs, thanks to better point scoring and better goaltending, was able to cause the first big upset of the playoffs, winning 6-3-4.

Detroit Goaltender Jimmy Howard’s last day shutout victory, was what tipped the scales in favour of the #4 seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen, as they defeated @GoftheInternet 7-6.

Quebec Nordiques lived up to their #3 seed, decimating sixth seeded, GreatNessPerSonified by a score of 10-1-2, to advance to the semi finals.

Superior goaltending was what helped the second seed, It’s The Flying V! eliminate Hamilton Tigers 8-1-4, leaving them as the highest seed left in the tournament.


4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 8-FistCity CaPs

2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques

Who will make it through to the Fantasy Playoff Finals, and compete for the Fantasy Stanley Cup? Tune in next week, to find out.


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Final Week

This is it. The final week or regular season matchups before the playoffs. Who made it in? Who missed out? Who wins the President’s Trophy?

The results from the final week of regular season matchups:

@GoftheInternet gave second placed It’s The Flying V! their second consecutive defeat with a 6-5-2 win.

Hamilton Tigers played themselves into the playoffs by beating St. Mucus Ooze 10-2-1.

FistCity CaPs scored the 8 seed in the playoffs, narrowly overcoming Powers Rangers 7-6-0.

GreatNessPerSonified upset the third places Quebec Nordiques 9-2-2, to earn themselves a rematch in the playoffs.

In the matchup of the week, Legs confirmed the President’s Trophy would be heading their way, by defeating DarkSideOfTheMoen 7-3-3.


*1. Legs 86-40-17 .661 189 7-3-3 1 2
*2. It’s the Flying V! 79-48-16 .608 174 5-6-2 3 3
*3. Quebec Nordiques 66-56-21 .535 153 2-9-2 9 13
*4. DarkSideOfTheMoen 65-57-21 .528 151 3-7-3 6 123
*5. @GoftheInternet 61-64-18 .490 140 6-5-2 10 16
*6. GreatNessPerSonified 56-64-23 .472 135 9-2-2 5
*7. Hamilton Tigers 55-69-19 .451 129 10-2-1 8 24
*8. FistCity CaPs 54-74-15 .430 123 7-6-0 2
9. Powers Rangers 51-74-18 .420 120 6-7-0 4 2
10. St. Mucus Ooze 47-74-22 .406 116 2-10-1 7 3



1- Legs vs. 8- FistCity CaPs
2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 7- Hamilton Tigers
3- Quebec Nordiques vs. 6- GreatNessPerSonified
4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 5- @GoftheInternet


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Ten

Ten weeks down. One week remains. Who will make the playoffs? Who will miss out? Week Ten brought us that much closer.

The results for all Week Ten matchups were as follows:

FistCity CaPs put themselves well into the playoff picture with an upset 10-3-0 victory over second place It’s The Flying V!

Legs put themselves in the box seat for the President’s Trophy, defeating GreatNessPerSonified 6-5-2.

St. Mucus Ooze did their playoff chances no harm, gaining a close but unlikely 7-6-0 win over DarkSideOfTheMoen.

Hamiltion Tigers didnt meet the minimum goalie requirements, nor did they help their playoff chances, tying with @GoftheInternet 6-6-1.

In the matchup of the week, Quebec Nordiques put themselves closer to having the third seed for the playoffs, defeating Powers Rangers  7-4-2.


* denotes qualification for playoffs

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
*1. Legs 79-37-14 .662 172 6-5-2 1 2
*2. It’s the Flying V! 74-42-14 .623 162 3-10-0 3 2
*3. Quebec Nordiques 64-47-19 .565 147 7-4-2 9 13
*4. DarkSideOfTheMoen 62-50-18 .546 142 6-7-0 6 109
5. @GoftheInternet 55-59-16 .485 126 6-6-1 10 15
6. GreatNessPerSonified 47-62-21 .442 115 5-6-2 5
7. St. Mucus Ooze 45-64-21 .427 111 7-6-0 7 3
8. FistCity CaPs 47-68-15 .419 109 10-3-0 2
9. Hamilton Tigers 45-67-18 .415 108 6-6-1 8 24
10. Powers Rangers 45-67-18 .415 108 4-7-2 4 2



(number denotes position in standings)


1- Legs vs. 4- DarkSideOfTheMoen


2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 5- @GoftheInternet
3- Quebec Nordiques vs. 6- GreatNessPerSonified
8- FistCity CaPs vs. 10- Powers Rangers
7- S. Mucus Ooze vs. 9- Hamilton Tigers