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That Damn Hockey Blog: I Want A Contract With The Islanders pt.1

Ah, the Islanders. They currently have the most room in the salary cap, according to, which is surprising, considering the Islanders have probably the two worst contracts in the history of hockey. One of which ended only recently because of a compliance buyout, and the other is for someone who hasn’t played since 2007. They are, of course, Rick DiPietro and Alexei Yashin.

DiPietro was drafted first overall by the New York Islanders in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, three years after the Islanders drafted Roberto Luongo. Considered to be the real future of the franchise, Luongo was traded to the Florida Panthers the same day DiPietro was drafted, so the pressure was on even before he hit the ice. After just 3 wins out of 20 in his first season, he never played again in the NHL until the 2002-03 season (which was only 11 games, one of which was a playoff shutout), before gaining the starting role the following season.

After four season of not the greatest goaltending, and 2 wins from 9 in playoffs, DiPietro was signed to a 15-year, $67.5 million contract. A week before his 26th birthday, the Islanders actually wanted to make the signing a year earlier, but the NHL discouraged the idea. The NHL knew that giving him a 15 year contract would be absolutely stupid, given the contract they gave Alexei Yashin in 2001 (I’ll get to it, don’t worry), but the Islanders gave him the contract anyway.

After one win from four in the first year of his 15-year deal, his last playoff appearance, 2007 also saw the decline of DiPietro, as injuries began to take their toll, and since 2008, has only played in 50 games for the Islanders, for just 14 wins. The misery finally ended, when his contract was bought out on July 1, 2013. However, even though it doesn’t affect the salary cap, DiPietro will still be paid $1.5 million until 2029. He will be 48.

If you think that the Islanders screwed that one up, the next part will prove that they didn’t learn from their mistakes.

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Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Fantasy Stanley Cup Playoffs

Quebec Nordiques. DarkSideOfTheMoen. One week to decide just who will skate away with the Stanley Cup.


This is the final week of the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, only one team can walk away with the Cup. Let’s see how both teams got to this point.

Quebec Nordiques decimated their opponents as the third seed going in. They easily accounted for the sixth seeded GreatNessPerSonified 10-1-2, then steamrolled the second seeded It’s The Flying V! 9-3-1 in the semi finals, and went into the final week, as not only the highest seed left, but as favourites,

DarkSideOfTheMoen however struggled, pulling out all the moves to beat arch-rival @GoftheInternet 7-6 in the first round, before beating surprise packet FistCity CaPs 6-5-2 in the semis, after the CaPs upset the #1 seeded Legs in the first round.

So there it is, the third seeded Quebec Nordiques, against the four seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen. It was 3 vs. 4 in the finals last season, with the four seed winning out. Will the four seed take it again this season? Let’s find out if lightning strikes twice for the 4 seed.
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Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Playoffs Week Two

The Semi Finals are over.. only two teams remain in the hunt for Fantasy Stanley Cup glory. Who made it through? Who plays for third place consolation?


They dominated in points, and their goaltending had 8 wins in 10 starts. The third seeded, Quebec Nordiques overcame the second seeded, It’s The Flying V! 9-3-1, to put themselves in the finals.

But just who will be their opponent? Well..

With goaltending of 5 wins from 9 starts, having a better +/- ratio, and scoring one more point than their opponent, DarkSideOfTheMoen have gone one step further in 2012/13, by defeating the eighth seeded, FistCity CaPs 6-5-2, and qaulifying to face Quebec Nordiques in the finals.

So there we have it, the finals have been set, and the last week of playoffs can begin.


2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 8- FistCity CaPs


3- Quebec Nordiques vs. 4- DarkSideOfTheMoen

With a war of words already spreading between the two Stanley Cup finals, it will all come down to who has the better strategy, and which players hit form at the right time. Tune in next week, to see who becomes the 2012/13 Bored Hockey Fan Stanley Cup winner.


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Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Playoffs Week One

Last week, St. Mucus Ooze and Powers Rangers were eliminated from playoff contention. This week, four more teams joined them on the sidelines, as the first round of playoffs began. Who made it through to the Semi Finals..


President’s Trophy, Number One Seed in the playoffs, none of that could help Legs make it past the first round, as the eight seeded FistCity CaPs, thanks to better point scoring and better goaltending, was able to cause the first big upset of the playoffs, winning 6-3-4.

Detroit Goaltender Jimmy Howard’s last day shutout victory, was what tipped the scales in favour of the #4 seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen, as they defeated @GoftheInternet 7-6.

Quebec Nordiques lived up to their #3 seed, decimating sixth seeded, GreatNessPerSonified by a score of 10-1-2, to advance to the semi finals.

Superior goaltending was what helped the second seed, It’s The Flying V! eliminate Hamilton Tigers 8-1-4, leaving them as the highest seed left in the tournament.


4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 8-FistCity CaPs

2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques

Who will make it through to the Fantasy Playoff Finals, and compete for the Fantasy Stanley Cup? Tune in next week, to find out.


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Eight

Just three weeks remain in the regular season before playoffs. Who makes it in? Who misses out? The final weeks well tell us everything.

Here’s the results of all week eight matchups:

DarkSideOfTheMoen’s goaltending received all the starts, helping them score a victory over the FistCity CaPs 8-3-2.

@GoftheInternet lost a spot in the standings, but still managed to defeat St. Mucus Ooze 6-5-2.

Even with a +/- of minus 22 for the Gameweek, the Quebec Nordiques strolled home with a 8-2-3 win over the Hamilton Tigers.

GreatNessPerSonified didn’t meet the min. goalie starts for the week, and it hurt them, with It’s The Flying V! winning 10-1-2.

In the matchup of the week, Legs needed their Goaltenders to step up, narrowly beating Powers Rangers 8-5-2.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. Legs 66-28-10 .683 142 8-5-0 1 1
2. It’s The Flying V! 64-26-14 .683 142 10-1-2 3 1
3. Quebec Nordiques 51-36-17 .572 119 8-2-3 10 12
4. DarkSideOfTheMoen 47-41-16 .529 110 8-3-2 7 86
5. @GoftheInternet 47-44-13 .514 107 6-5-2 4 14
6. Powers Rangers 40-51-13 .447 93 5-8-0 5 2
7. St. Mucus Ooze 34-51-19 .418 87 5-6-2 8 3
8. Hamilton Tigers 34-54-16 .404 84 2-8-3 9 22
9. GreatNessPerSonified 33-55-16 .394 82 1-10-2 6
10. FistCity CaPs 30-60-14 .356 74 3-8-2 2



(number denotes position in standings)


2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques


1- Legs vs. 7- St. Mucus Ooze
4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 5- @GoftheInternet
8- Hamilton Tigers vs. 10- FistCity CaPs
6- Powers Rangers vs. 9- GreatNessPerSonified



Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Seven

Welcome to the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, brought to you by Yahoo! Sports.

Another week in fantasy, and another week closer to the playoffs. The playoffs start in less than a month, so the nitty gritty is here.

How did Week Seven affect our teams? Let’s find out in our quick recap of the week that was.

Good Goaltending saw the Hamilton Tigers defeat GreatNessPerSonified by a score of 7-5-1 in a tight contest.

Quebec Nordiques and DarkSideOfTheMoen couldn’t be split, as the week ended in a 5-5-3 draw.

St. Mucus Ooze and FistCity CaPs also ended in a 5-5-3 draw, in the closest gameweek we’ve seen.

In our matchup of the round, Legs scored the only decisive victory of the week, punishing @GoftheInternet 10-1-2.

Top of the table, It’s The Flying V!, couldn’t keep up it’s winning run, drawing with Powers Rangers 5-5-3.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. Legs 58-23-10 .692 126 10-1-2 1 1
2. It’s the Flying V! 54-25-12 .659 120 5-5-3 3 1
3. Quebec Nordiques 43-34-14 .549 100 5-5-3 10 10
4. @GoftheInternet 41-39-11 .511 93 1-10-2 4 11
5. DarkSideOfTheMoen 39-38-14 .505 92 5-5-3 7 79
6. Powers Rangers 35-43-13 .456 83 5-5-3 5 2
7. GreatNessPerSonified 32-45-14 .429 78 5-7-1 6
8. Hamilton Tigers 32-46-13 .423 77 7-5-1 9 21
9. St. Mucus Ooze 29-45-17 .412 75 5-5-3 8 3
10. FistCity CaPs 27-52-12 .363 66 5-5-3 2



(number denotes position in standings)


1- Legs vs. 6- Powers Rangers


5- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 10- FistCity CaPs
4- @GoftheInternet vs. 9- St. Mucus Ooze
8- Hamilton Tigers vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques
2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 7- GreatNessPerSonified


Chicago Blackhawks

Analyzing The Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks have had one of the best starts to not just an NHL season, but any sport. In their first 19 games, the Blackhawks have a record of 16-0-3.  That’s 16 wins, and 3 losses all via the way of a shootout. They have not lost a single game in regulation thus far. Just three years off since their Stanley Cup victory, Chicago look poised to enter this year’s playoffs as the number one seed in the Western Conference, already amassing an 8 point advantage over the second placed Anaheim Ducks. The reason they have had such an amazing start is no coincedence. it all starts with their goaltending.

Corey Crawford, through the 11 games he has started, as a GAA of 1.5, and his back-up, Ray Emery has started 8 games with a GAA of 2.08 for a combined GAA of 1.79. When you’re conceding less than two goals a game, you should be at least winning more games than you are losing, especially when your opponents have only 34 goals past your goalies.

Patrick Kane on the other hand, is leading the way on offense, with 24 points in 19 games. Being helped along by the usual suspects of Marian Hossa (9G, 6A), Jonathan Toews (7G, 8A) and Patrick Sharp (4G, 11A), Chicago have a 4th best 3.1 goals per game, and with star defensemen Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook starting to find form, it seems that the streak could last a lot longer in Chi-Town.


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Four

Welcome to the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, brought to you by Yahoo! Sports.

We are now over a quarter of the way through the season. Let’s see the results of the Week Four matchups.

Seven points from John Tavares and five from Matt Duchene, helped the Quebec Nordiques defeat the FistCity CaPs by a score of 8-2-3.

It was Goaltending that helped @GoftheInternet earn a 8-4-1 victory over GreatNessPerSonified.

Legs was victorious 9-3-2 over the Hamilton Tigers, thanks to ten points from the Powerplay.

DarkSideOfTheMoen was never in the hunt, as It’s The Flying V! demolished them 11-0-2.

St. Mucus Ooze earned the tightest victory of the week, scraping by Powers Rangers 6-5-2.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. It’s the Flying V! 38-10-4 .769 80 11-0-2 3 1
2. Legs 34-14-4 .692 72 9-3-1 1
3. @GoftheInternet 29-16-7 .625 65 8-4-1 4 7
4. Quebec Nordiques 26-20-6 .558 58 8-2-3 10 6
5. Powers Rangers 22-21-9 .510 53 5-6-2 5 1
6. DarkSideOfTheMoen 20-26-6 .442 46 0-11-2 7 50
7. St. Mucus Ooze 15-29-8 .365 38 6-5-2 8 3
8. GreatNessPerSonified 16-31-5 .356 37 4-8-1 6
9. FistCity CaPs 15-30-7 .356 37 2-8-3 2
10. Hamilton Tigers 13-31-8 .327 34 3-9-1 9 16


Hamilton Tigers vs. It’s The Flying V!
DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. Powers Rangers
FistCity CaPs vs. Legs
St. Mucus Ooze vs. GreatNessPerSonified
@GoftheInternet vs. Quebec Nordiques


The Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy Draft Analysis

The BHF fantasy draft over at Yahoo! fantasy is done and dusted. In fact, if you scroll down, you’ll find the results in a recent column.

I asked everyone who entered the draft, if they had any opinion on how the draft went down. If they were happy with their picks. What they thought of the draft in general? Why did they choose certain players? Here are the thoughts of those who chose to make them.

(Team Name-Owner-Thoughts)

Legs – J

As one who has barely even been a casual fan, I figured that I’d be going into this with a severe disadvantage.As such, I decided to further my handicap myself by oversleeping the draft. I was, however, able to pop in for two picks. Brad Richards, and Carey Price.
Richards was mostly a ‘Her, I know that guy’s name’ pick, and I have a soft spot for the Canadiens, so I took their goalie.
Outside of that, I’m pretty okay with the autodraft. I’m a Blackhawks fan, so I’m happy to get Keith. I know he had an off last year, so I’m hoping for a rebound.
Even in my limited knowledge, I know Rinne is awesome. So, along those lines, I’m very happy with my Goaltending.

I’m looking forward to the season.

It’s The Flying V – ArmchairMVP

My first 6 forwards have multi-position eligibility. I like having that flexibility.

St. Mucus Ooze – ThinkSoJoe

I don’t want to analyze my picks.  It was all downhill after you (ThatDamnDoubleC) took Malkin first, lol
I took Byfuglien a second straight year.  Being listed as a forward and defenseman comes in handy.
I wound up taking Semin in round 16, wanted a multi-position player.
I grabbed Shattenkirk and Del Zotto each for their +/- rating.  I got burned on those last year.
I’m telling you, career year coming up from that kid (on drafting Derek Roy)

@GoftheInternet – GoftheInternet

I hope Ott plays nice and dirty on the Sabres for me.  Need the PIMs
Ugghh…. he’s like the DiPietro of skaters, but I am still taking him (on drafting Marian Gaborik)

DarkSideOfTheMoen – ThatDamnDoubleC

Malkin playing two positions made it easy in the end (on choosing who went first overall)
Having the first overall pick does have it’s perks. I mean, I’m able to have someone with the point grabbing ability of Evgeni Malkin in my team, as well as using my second pick to draft the best defensemen in Erik Karlsson. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same players I usually go for. Howard and Lehtonen in net, Thornton, Pavelski and Marleau from San Jose. Jamie Benn is another guy I usually go for, and it was a bit silly of me to draft him in, when as of this moment, he is yet to re-sign with the Dallas Stars (and has since been replaced by fellow Star Jaromir Jagr). I did manage to draft Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall from Detroit though, which surprised me that I was able to nab them both.

What really hurts though is that due to having the first overall pick, I am now the last option to receive waived players. I like to chop and change the lineup a lot, and in the end, the difference could be the player I tried to sign off waivers, but because I am last in whether or not I want a specific waived player, I could very well lose that chance if someone else has the same mindset.

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