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NHL 14 Goalies Gameplay Improvements Trailer

The developers of NHL have released more details on their upcoming NHL 14, scheduled to release September 10 in North America.

Details about how the Goaltenders have been improved, have been revealed in the following gameplay trailer..



Full details on the new Goalie Gameplay Improvements can be found at the link below:

Don’t forget to pre-order NHL 14 for exclusive pre-order content at your favourite game retailers! Details on NHL 14 pre-order bonuses can be found at the following link:

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Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Fantasy Stanley Cup Playoffs

Quebec Nordiques. DarkSideOfTheMoen. One week to decide just who will skate away with the Stanley Cup.


This is the final week of the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, only one team can walk away with the Cup. Let’s see how both teams got to this point.

Quebec Nordiques decimated their opponents as the third seed going in. They easily accounted for the sixth seeded GreatNessPerSonified 10-1-2, then steamrolled the second seeded It’s The Flying V! 9-3-1 in the semi finals, and went into the final week, as not only the highest seed left, but as favourites,

DarkSideOfTheMoen however struggled, pulling out all the moves to beat arch-rival @GoftheInternet 7-6 in the first round, before beating surprise packet FistCity CaPs 6-5-2 in the semis, after the CaPs upset the #1 seeded Legs in the first round.

So there it is, the third seeded Quebec Nordiques, against the four seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen. It was 3 vs. 4 in the finals last season, with the four seed winning out. Will the four seed take it again this season? Let’s find out if lightning strikes twice for the 4 seed.
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New Jersey Devils

Martin Brodeur scores 3rd career goal

GIF by G

Only twelve times prior to this evening in the long, illustrious history of the National Hockey League has a goaltender been credited with a goal.  Ron Hextall and Martin Brodeur were the only goaltenders with multiple goals through their career, tied at two each.  The thirteenth goalie goal in NHL history has broken the tie – Martin Brodeur stands alone as the only goaltender to score three goals in his career.  What’s more, the goal this evening was a Power Play Goal.

The Hurricane’s Patrick Dwyer was hooked as he was heading in to the New Jersey zone, and on the delayed call, Carolina goaltender Dan Ellis headed toward the bench in favor of an extra skater.  As he was skating off, Jordan Staal attempted to pass the puck to defenseman Tim Gleason, who missed the pass, which then careened off of the boards and into the empty Carolina net.  Having been the last Devil to touch the puck, the goal was credited to Brodeur.

No, it’s certainly not often that you see a goalie credited with a goal in a game, but more often than not, it’s number 30 for the New Jersey Devils.  Congrats, Marty!


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Eight

Just three weeks remain in the regular season before playoffs. Who makes it in? Who misses out? The final weeks well tell us everything.

Here’s the results of all week eight matchups:

DarkSideOfTheMoen’s goaltending received all the starts, helping them score a victory over the FistCity CaPs 8-3-2.

@GoftheInternet lost a spot in the standings, but still managed to defeat St. Mucus Ooze 6-5-2.

Even with a +/- of minus 22 for the Gameweek, the Quebec Nordiques strolled home with a 8-2-3 win over the Hamilton Tigers.

GreatNessPerSonified didn’t meet the min. goalie starts for the week, and it hurt them, with It’s The Flying V! winning 10-1-2.

In the matchup of the week, Legs needed their Goaltenders to step up, narrowly beating Powers Rangers 8-5-2.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. Legs 66-28-10 .683 142 8-5-0 1 1
2. It’s The Flying V! 64-26-14 .683 142 10-1-2 3 1
3. Quebec Nordiques 51-36-17 .572 119 8-2-3 10 12
4. DarkSideOfTheMoen 47-41-16 .529 110 8-3-2 7 86
5. @GoftheInternet 47-44-13 .514 107 6-5-2 4 14
6. Powers Rangers 40-51-13 .447 93 5-8-0 5 2
7. St. Mucus Ooze 34-51-19 .418 87 5-6-2 8 3
8. Hamilton Tigers 34-54-16 .404 84 2-8-3 9 22
9. GreatNessPerSonified 33-55-16 .394 82 1-10-2 6
10. FistCity CaPs 30-60-14 .356 74 3-8-2 2



(number denotes position in standings)


2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques


1- Legs vs. 7- St. Mucus Ooze
4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 5- @GoftheInternet
8- Hamilton Tigers vs. 10- FistCity CaPs
6- Powers Rangers vs. 9- GreatNessPerSonified



Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Three

Welcome to the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, brought to you by Yahoo! Sports.

Week Three is now wrapped up. Let’s look at the results for all the Week Three matchups:

It’s The Flying V! dominated the St. Mucus Ooze in pretty much every category to end up 11-1-1 winners.

GreatNessPerSonified’s goaltenders averaged less than 2 goals a game in their 7-5-1 victory over the FistCity CaPs.

Despite the form of San Jose Sharks’ Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Joe Pavelski, DarkSideOfTheMoen managed an 8-3-2 victory over the Hamilton Tigers.

In the closest matchup of the Gameweek, Powers Rangers squeezed out 5-4-4 victors over @GoftheInternet.

7 points from Patrik Elias helped Legs to an 8-4-1 triumph over the Quebec Nordiques.

The ladder after Week Three:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. It’s the Flying V! 27-10-2 .718 56 11-1-1 4 1
2. Legs 25-11-3 .679 53 8-4-1 2
3. @GoftheInternet 21-12-6 .615 48 4-5-4 5 7
4. DarkSideOfTheMoen 20-15-4 .564 44 8-3-2 9 28
5. Powers Rangers 17-15-7 .526 41 5-4-4 6 1
6. Quebec Nordiques 18-18-3 .500 39 4-8-1 1 5
7. FistCity CaPs 13-22-4 .385 30 5-7-1 3
8. GreatNessPerSonified 12-23-4 .359 28 7-5-1 7
9. Hamilton Tigers 10-22-7 .346 27 3-8-2 8 13
10. St. Mucus Ooze 9-24-6 .308 24 1-11-1 10 3


St. Mucus Ooze vs. Powers Rangers
Quebec Nordiques vs. FistCity CaPs
DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. It’s The Flying V!
@GoftheInternet vs. GreatNessPerSonified
Hamilton Tigers vs. Legs