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That Damn Hockey Blog: Why Not Sign Me Errrr?

Free Agency. That period of your career, where if you are good enough, or find a GM dumb enough, you could score yourself a pretty sweet contract. But this comes with a warning, you may not even get a contract at all. In fact, there are players out there right now, who most people thought would have received day one, and yet, still sit un-signed without a team.

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NHL 14 Cover Vote – Final Result

For the first time since John Vanbiesbrouck on the cover of NHL ’97, a Goaltender will grace the cover of an EA Sports NHL game. Martin Brodeur from the New Jersey Devils, and Sergei Bobrovsky of the Columbus Blue Jackets, were voted by the fans, as the final two, with only one being able to be on the cover of NHL ’14.

So, without further adieu, let’s reveal the winner of the cover vote, for NHL ’14!

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Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Playoffs Week One

Last week, St. Mucus Ooze and Powers Rangers were eliminated from playoff contention. This week, four more teams joined them on the sidelines, as the first round of playoffs began. Who made it through to the Semi Finals..


President’s Trophy, Number One Seed in the playoffs, none of that could help Legs make it past the first round, as the eight seeded FistCity CaPs, thanks to better point scoring and better goaltending, was able to cause the first big upset of the playoffs, winning 6-3-4.

Detroit Goaltender Jimmy Howard’s last day shutout victory, was what tipped the scales in favour of the #4 seed, DarkSideOfTheMoen, as they defeated @GoftheInternet 7-6.

Quebec Nordiques lived up to their #3 seed, decimating sixth seeded, GreatNessPerSonified by a score of 10-1-2, to advance to the semi finals.

Superior goaltending was what helped the second seed, It’s The Flying V! eliminate Hamilton Tigers 8-1-4, leaving them as the highest seed left in the tournament.


4- DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. 8-FistCity CaPs

2- It’s The Flying V! vs. 3- Quebec Nordiques

Who will make it through to the Fantasy Playoff Finals, and compete for the Fantasy Stanley Cup? Tune in next week, to find out.