The Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy Draft Analysis

The BHF fantasy draft over at Yahoo! fantasy is done and dusted. In fact, if you scroll down, you’ll find the results in a recent column.

I asked everyone who entered the draft, if they had any opinion on how the draft went down. If they were happy with their picks. What they thought of the draft in general? Why did they choose certain players? Here are the thoughts of those who chose to make them.

(Team Name-Owner-Thoughts)

Legs – J

As one who has barely even been a casual fan, I figured that I’d be going into this with a severe disadvantage.As such, I decided to further my handicap myself by oversleeping the draft. I was, however, able to pop in for two picks. Brad Richards, and Carey Price.
Richards was mostly a ‘Her, I know that guy’s name’ pick, and I have a soft spot for the Canadiens, so I took their goalie.
Outside of that, I’m pretty okay with the autodraft. I’m a Blackhawks fan, so I’m happy to get Keith. I know he had an off last year, so I’m hoping for a rebound.
Even in my limited knowledge, I know Rinne is awesome. So, along those lines, I’m very happy with my Goaltending.

I’m looking forward to the season.

It’s The Flying V – ArmchairMVP

My first 6 forwards have multi-position eligibility. I like having that flexibility.

St. Mucus Ooze – ThinkSoJoe

I don’t want to analyze my picks.  It was all downhill after you (ThatDamnDoubleC) took Malkin first, lol
I took Byfuglien a second straight year.  Being listed as a forward and defenseman comes in handy.
I wound up taking Semin in round 16, wanted a multi-position player.
I grabbed Shattenkirk and Del Zotto each for their +/- rating.  I got burned on those last year.
I’m telling you, career year coming up from that kid (on drafting Derek Roy)

@GoftheInternet – GoftheInternet

I hope Ott plays nice and dirty on the Sabres for me.  Need the PIMs
Ugghh…. he’s like the DiPietro of skaters, but I am still taking him (on drafting Marian Gaborik)

DarkSideOfTheMoen – ThatDamnDoubleC

Malkin playing two positions made it easy in the end (on choosing who went first overall)
Having the first overall pick does have it’s perks. I mean, I’m able to have someone with the point grabbing ability of Evgeni Malkin in my team, as well as using my second pick to draft the best defensemen in Erik Karlsson. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same players I usually go for. Howard and Lehtonen in net, Thornton, Pavelski and Marleau from San Jose. Jamie Benn is another guy I usually go for, and it was a bit silly of me to draft him in, when as of this moment, he is yet to re-sign with the Dallas Stars (and has since been replaced by fellow Star Jaromir Jagr). I did manage to draft Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall from Detroit though, which surprised me that I was able to nab them both.

What really hurts though is that due to having the first overall pick, I am now the last option to receive waived players. I like to chop and change the lineup a lot, and in the end, the difference could be the player I tried to sign off waivers, but because I am last in whether or not I want a specific waived player, I could very well lose that chance if someone else has the same mindset.

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