Flashback Friday, PUCK YOU!

PUCK YOU! Season 2, episode 1 (repost).


While the 2012 NHL Lockout is underway, every Friday will be known as “Flashback Friday.” On this day of the week, a classic installment of PUCK YOU! will be released for your enjoyment.

Welcome to Project Wonderboy/Wonderpod Online’s 2010 -2011 NHL season discussion. We got this out a little later than initially planned as the regular season is just underway. However, it is still extremely early into the schedule… anything can happen. This is every team’s chance to succeed or miserably fail. As per usual, this is a panel for the fans (not the stat crunchers, journalists, or over analytical editorialists). It’s for the fans, by the fans. We’re biased around these parts. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Note: This is a repost that originally appeared at Project Wonderboy in October 2010. We will be releasing brand new episodes of PUCK YOU! throughout the season here at Wonderpodonline.com. As a result, it makes sense to reintroduce the first installment of the 2010-2011 NHL season for your perusal.
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BHF Interview: Kevin Sylvester

Buffalo Sabres television host, part time play by play man, and the host of “Hockey Hotline” on WGR55 AM here in Buffalo, Kevin Sylvester joined ThinkSoJoE for an interview this morning.  We talk about the NHL lockout and it’s effect on broadcasters, arena workers, and fans.  We bring up painful memories for us Sabres fans as we discuss the controversial Cup-clinching goal scored by Brett Hull in 1999.  We talk about the new look Buffalo Sabres, and their potential.  Kevin discusses his new book, “The Married Man’s Guide to Golf,” as well as “Hockey Hotline,” his new hockey discussion program that airs Tuesday through Thursday at 10AM on Buffalo’s WGR55.  We get Kevin’s picks for our upcoming “Ultimate Hockey Fighter” series, and what Buffalo Sabres broadcasting conversation would be complete without a quick chat about the legendary Rick Jeanneret?  All this, and much more!  Click the link below to listen!

BHF Interview: Kevin Sylvester (MP3, 36:34)

Hockey Media

Bad Hockey Media Episode 1

The year is 1998. Before EA Sports bought the rights to everything and nobody could make any sports games. Acclaim tried their hand at a hockey game, to compete in the competitive hockey video game market. It’s poster boy was Phoenix Coyotes Captain, Keith Tkachuk. The game was NHL Breakaway ’98


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Arkham Arena?

This Saturday night, the fate of the 2012 – 2013 NHL season will be determined… at least the start of it. Call me a Joker for not posting this on Cat(woman)urday, but let’s Two-Face it… even though it’s Friday, we all know the Bane of this weekend will be whether the Riddle(r)’s solution will become apparent during the 11th hour. Have a good weekend! Let’s hope my bad punditry is outweighed by the animated gif below.

(Special thanks to resident BHF contributor, Stove Coleman, for inspiring this. When reached for comment, Coleman noted, “Funny how he rigged the draft for the Penguin. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. […] Both the NHL/PA Robin’ us of a season! I’ve got more, but they’re getting worse.”).


Tweets to the NHL and NHLPA

Yesterday morning on my way home from my “day job,” I decided to tweet to the NHL and NHLPA my thoughts on their current dispute as pertains to revenue sharing and whatnot.  I thought I’d share those tweets with you all here on Bored Hockey Fan.

Do I think these tweets will make any difference whatsoever in the outcome of this dispute? Of course not. But at least this year we fans have an outlet to tell the League and the Player’s Association what we think.


Welcome to BoredHockeyFan.com!

We’ve been waiting for this day, and it’s finally here!  Welcome to BoredHockeyFan.com!  While we here at BHF are very hopeful that the league and the players will get their issues resolved in a timely manner, our dear friend Al Creed has provided us with the best possible visual representation of how we feel at the moment.

Find Al’s 8-Bit graphics on his Tumblr!