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NHL 14 Online Modes Improvements

The developers of NHL have released more details on their upcoming NHL 14, scheduled to release September 10 in North America.

Several online modes have been tweaked and improved, allowing for a more accessible and enjoyable experience for online hockey players old and new.

EA Sports Hockey League Online Seasons is hockey’s version of seasons used in the FIFA franchise, complete with promotion/relegation setup through ten divisions, with online matchups based on which division you are in.

The playoff experience will last longer. Players will now have two chances to advance in the playoffs, being able to retry if they are unable to move on the first time.

Full details on the Online Modes Improvements can be found at the link below:

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The All “MAN” Team: “What If?… Hockey.”

Just as the 2011-2012 NHL season had wrapped, Armchair MVP, G (and with some help from ThatDamnDoubleC) discussed the idea of assembling fantasy hockey teams. Now, these would not be “best players of all time,” types of fantasy booking. No, these would be based on a gimmick or combination of themes with a sense of comedy possibly mixed in for good fun.

It was well aware to us of the looming lock out of the 2012-2013 NHL season at the time this article was created during the summer. And since it came to fruition, the idea is a little more bizarre than originally intended.

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