The UHF Tournament

The Ultimate Hockey Fighter Tournament – First Round

Welcome one and all. It is finally here, the beginning of the Ultimate Hockey Fighter Tournament. 32 of hockey’s best fighters square off in a single-elimination tournament to determine just who is the Ultimate Hockey Fighter.

Wildcards are now a perfect 5 for 5 as Joey Kocur defeated Mick Vukota in last week’s matchup.

This week sees a modern day Devil against a fighter with a season of over 400PIMs.

Krys Barch
Dallas Stars, Florida Panthers, New Jersey Devils
6’2″ 200 lbs
1×20 NHL Fights in a season
3×15 NHL Fights in a season
109 NHL Fights 15.6 FPY

Mike Peluso
Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames
6’4″ 210 lbs
5×20 NHL Fights in a season
7×15 NHL Fights in a season
179 NHL Fights 19.9 FPY

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The UHF Tournament

Ultimate Hockey Fighter – The Introduction

Come one, come all. This is the introduction to Ultimate Hockey Fighter. A 32-man single elimination tournament from players past and present, throughout the entire history of the National Hockey League, come together to compete for the title of Ultimate Hockey Fighter.

Every week, fans and viewers alike, will vote on who progresses, until there is only one man standing. They will then be crowned the Ultimate Hockey Fighter, and walk away with a grand prize of zero dollars and zero cents. Also, probably with a few teeth missing and a nose that points to the right.

Not just any man can participate in this tournament. There are a series of qualifications that are needed in order to qualify for a spot in the draw. These qualifications are as follows:

1) Each participant must have at least 100 NHL fights throughout their careers.
2) They must average at least 15 Fights Per Year (FPY) throughout their careers. FPY is calculated by adding the total number of NHL fights, divided by the number of seasons they played in.
3) Each fighter must have at least one NHL season with at least 20 Fights.
4) Fights recorded during NHL Pre-Season, the NHL Regular Season, and the NHL Post-Season are included in the final fight totals.
5) Fights in the AHL and other leagues besides the NHL are not included.
6) Wildcards were decided by those who had over 200 NHL Fights in their careers, but did not meet the 15 FPY criteria. Each wildcard entrant was then eliminated based on their FPY totals, with the lowest totals being eliminated until the wildcard spots were filled. Wildcards were only entered if there are not enough participants that meet all criteria.

The following is a list of websites and other tools required in finding the 32 participants: for stats and details on the participants. for footage. All rights reserved to the NHL yada yada yada Don’t take me down for copyright infringement. for details on the participants.
A calculator (in yellow) for assistance with stats.

Finally, a disclaimer. If your favourite fighter didn’t make the final list of 32, or if you listened to thinksojoe’s interview with Buffalo Sabres TV host, play-by-play announcer, and host of “Hockey Hotline” on WGR AM in Buffalo (PLUG: Link to said interview) and the person you chose as the Ultimate Hockey Fighter did not make the cut, then I apologize. I apologize also if I missed someone who has the numbers and fits the qualifications, but did not make the tournament. The final 32 is complete, and is all ready to go. Speaking of which.. the revealing of the participants, and the draw.. is coming very, very soon.