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Free Agency. That period of your career, where if you are good enough, or find a GM dumb enough, you could score yourself a pretty sweet contract. But this comes with a warning, you may not even get a contract at all. In fact, there are players out there right now, who most people thought would have received day one, and yet, still sit un-signed without a team.

Ilya Bryzgalov

Bought out by the Flyers after not taking them to the promised land known as the playoffs last season. Philly decided that his 9-year contract, that he signed in 2011-12, would be bought out, allowing the 33 year old to hit Free Agency. Now, a lot of teams need a starting goaltender, and there isn’t much in terms of slid starting goaltending going around in Free Agency, so bringing in a solid G, who hasn’t had a GAA worse than 3.00 in his regular season career, plenty of playoff experience, could help perhaps a younger goalie spend a year or two backing up Bryz. It seems no NHL team has thought this idea, as the only offers Bryzgalov has right now is possibly a KHL deal. Then again, Bryz is Russian. They have bears in Russia I’m sure..

Brenden Morrow

The former inspirational captain of the Dallas Stars, a leader among men, and one of the best power forwards of the modern NHL, and yet, nobody has given this guy a contract. Every team would love a guy who plays on the second/third line, isn’t afraid to bang bodies, can pop for a goal at any time and provides great leadership due to his 7 years leading the Dallas Stars, before he was traded to the Penguins to help in their playoff run. How Morrow is un-signed.. I can’t explain it. I don’t have an answer. Maybe he’s waiting until a later date, I don’t know. But the best I’ve heard about him is that the Hurricanes could be interested. COULD. That’s it. No definites. Morrow would make ANY team in the NHL better.

The Best Of The Rest

Teemu Selanne

The Finnish Flash. He’ll only go to the Ducks if he decides to come back, but he is 43. But age isn’t an obstacle for this man. He’ll be playing with the cockroaches. Expect him at the Ducks.

Damien Brunner

Trying to get a big boy contract after playing alongside Datsyuk and Zetterberg in Detroit. I feel someone will sign him up, but for less than what Brunner wants.

Mikhail Grabovski

Isn’t going to decide until August. I don’t understand why anybody would make an offer, but someone will see talent in him.

Ian White

Seems to have fallen out of favour in Detroit. Would make a soild top 6 guy somewhere.

Restricted Free Agents

Nazem Kadri was meant to be this big thing in Toronto. Gustav Nyqvist looks like being the next big thing in Detroit. Alex Pietrangelo would be in any team’s top 6, possibly top 4 in defense. Adam Henrique was one of the top rookies for the Devils during their playoff run two seasons ago. I’m surprised nobody has thrown an offer out. I know that the offer will probably be matched by any of their teams, but you never know.

There’s some good talent left out there, so if your side isn’t the best. There’s plenty of options available to make them better.

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2 thoughts on “That Damn Hockey Blog: Why Not Sign Me Errrr?

  1. I think Ilya has "crazied" himself out of the NHL for a while. Otherwise, decent list and good points. Morrow can add depth, and I think with better line-mates, can still be a factor. But Dallas stuck with old Horcoff, so there is no returning there.

    You left out Mason Raymond (still a decent 2-3 line player), Ron Hainsey (serviceable 2-3 pairing D-Man), and most importantly, Brad Boyes. Boyes for a 2 million contract would make a great fit on any team to add size, grit, and a scoring touch. He's not THAT old yet, at 31.

    Dan Cleary, you also left off, is not the same player at 34. For a bargain, would be worth a look. WIth the cap reduction and seeing how most teams are at the 23 player mark, I don't expect him back unless he's willing to take a pay cut and start in the minors.

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