2014 Winter Olympics Rosters – Austria

Here is the roster for Austria for the Winter Olympics in Sochi:

Teams play in the National Hockey League (NHL) unless otherwise stated.

KEY: Player Name, Team, History At Olympics


Michael Grabner, New York Islanders (1st appearance)
Raphael Herburger, EHC Biel (NLA) (1st appearance)
Thomas Hundertpfund, Timra (Allsvenskan) (1st appearance)
Matthias Iberer, EHC Linz (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Thomas Koch, Klagenfurter AC (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Andreas Kristler, EC Red Bull Salzburg (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Manuel Latusa, EC Red Bukll Salzburg (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Brian Lebler, EHC Linz (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Daniel Oberkofler, EHC Linz (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Michael Raffl, Philadelphia Flyers (1st appearance)
Thomas Raffl, EC Salzburg (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Oliver Setzinger, Lausanne HC (NLA) (1st appearance)
Thomas Vanek, New York Islanders (1st appearance)
Daniel Welser, EC Salzburg (EBEL) (1st appearance)


Mario Altmann, Villacher SV (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Florian Iberer, Klagenfurter AC (EBEL) (1st appearance)
André Lakos, KLH Chomutov (Czech Extraliga) (2nd appearance – 4GP 0G 0A 6PIM)
Robert Lukas, EHC Linz (EBEL) (2nd appearance – 4GP 0G 0A 0PIM)
Thomas Pöck, Klagenfurter AC (EBEL) (2nd appearance – 4GP 0G 0A 2PIM)
Matthias Trattnig, EC Salzburg (EBEL) (2nd appearance – 4GP 1G 1A 2PIM)
Stefan Ulmer, HC Lugano (NLA) (1st appearance)
Gerhard Unterluggauer, Villacher SV (EBEL) (2nd appearance – 8GP 2G 0A 8PIM)


Bernhard Starkbaum, Brynas (SHL) (1st appearance)
René Swette, Klagenfurter AC (EBEL) (1st appearance)
Fabian Weinhandl Klagenfurter AC (EBEL) (1st appearance)


Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League – Week Two

Welcome to the Bored Hockey Fan Fantasy League, brought to you by Yahoo! Sports.

Week two is now in the books. Here is a brief summary of all the week’s matchups..

Ten points from Thomas Vanek was enough to give Legs a 9-4-0 victory over DarkSideOfTheMoen.

Even though he was outscored points-wise, @GoftheInternet still had enough to defeat It’s The Flying V! by a score of 8-5-0.

4 goals in the Gameweek by Steven Stamkos, was not enough to give St. Mucus Ooze the win over Hamilton Tigers, as it ended in a 5-5-3 tie.

A dominating performance offensively saw the FistCity CaPs earn a 7-4-2 victory over Powers Rangers.

The Quebec Nordiques had the biggest winning margin of the week, smashing GreatNessPerSonified 10-2-1.

The ladder after Week Two:

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
1. Legs 17-7-2 .692 36 9-4-0 2
2. @GoftheInternet 17-7-2 .692 36 8-5-0 5 5
3. It’s the Flying V! 16-9-1 .635 33 5-8-0 4 1
4. Quebec Nordiques 14-10-2 .577 30 10-2-1 1 4
5. Powers Rangers 12-11-3 .519 27 4-7-2 6 1
6. DarkSideOfTheMoen 12-12-2 .500 26 4-9-0 8 22
7. St. Mucus Ooze 8-13-5 .404 21 5-5-3 9 2
8. FistCity CaPs 8-15-3 .365 19 7-4-2 3
9. Hamilton Tigers 7-14-5 .365 19 5-5-3 10 5
10. GreatNessPerSonified 5-18-3 .250 13 2-10-1 7



Quebec Nordiques vs. Legs
St. Mucus Ooze vs. It’s The Flying V!
DarkSideOfTheMoen vs. Hamilton Tigers
GreatNessPerSonified vs. FistCity CaPs
@GoftheInternet vs. Powers Rangers

Buffalo Sabres

First Sabres post of the season!

Alright, I’ll admit it.  As a lifelong San Francisco 49ers fan, I’ve been a little distracted from these opening couple of weeks of the NHL season.  It doesn’t help that after going 2-0-0 to start the season, the Sabres slid to 2-3-1.  The heartbreaking loss with 1.5 seconds left in overtime against Toronto the other night hasn’t exactly had me clamoring to tune in to Sabres broadcasts either.  In fact, I was content to ignore the fact they were playing tonight until my wife handed me the remote.

I tuned in during the first period, scoreless in Boston.  I left the room during intermission to get ready for work, and took my time getting back.  It was 1-1 by time I started watching again.  Brad Marchand scored two quick goals to put the Bruins up 3-1 by the time I had to leave for work.  I was ready to count Buffalo out and ignore the rest of the game, but by time I got on my first bus, it was 3-3 at the end of the second.  I plugged my $100 Bose headphones into my $5 Sentry AM/FM radio, tuned to WGR55 AM, just in time for the start of the second intermission.

As the third period began, David Krejci scored 1:45 in, and once again it seemed like my Sabres were doomed.  However, less than a minute later, Alexander Sulzer scored his first goal of the season to tie it right back up.  Great saves by Ryan Miller, a goal from Cody Hodgson, a goal for Thomas Vanek (earning him a hat trick for the evening, and answering my longtime question of “What are the Sabres paying this guy for?”), and an empty netter by Captain Jason Pominville later, and the Sabres have snapped their winless streak, and emphatically silenced the TD Garden in Boston with a 7-4 victory.

Am I ready to believe that the team will start winning consistently and moving up the standings just yet?  No, but rest assured I won’t be ignoring the fact that they’re playing the Canadiens this Saturday afternoon.