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Bears… bears everywhere. Ilya’s nightmare comes true. That’s “why” Pronger left.

After the announcement of Ilya Bryzgalov’s sign to the Edmonton Oilers, his agent went out into the woods today… and he was sure of a big surprise. Someone might want to let the Cosmonaut know they made some trades. Here’s the new top four defencemen in Edmonton.





Even days after, with introspective thought… as an Oilers fan, all I can say is: “This should be interesting.”

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The Flock Presents-The NHL After Draft Special

On Sunday evening, members of the facebook group, “The Flock” joined forces to discuss the fallout from the 2013 NHL entry draft. We discussed the Seth Jones situation, the Vancouver bombshell, and the future, and so forth. Needless to say, it was a “happening.” With Free Agency Frenzy on our doorstep, this is a must listen for the for the fan’s, by the fan’s perspective on the future of the NHL.


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Nate Thompson Makes a Convincing Argument For Visors

During the tilt between the Tampa Bay Lightning and The Washington Capitals, a Mike Green slap shot shattered Nate Thompson’s visor into pieces. While it cut him open “hardway”, with minor lacerations, One can only imagine how worse this would have been had he not have been wearing a visor. Looking at the proximaty of the shot, and the force behind it, Nate Thompson is a lucky man. Without said visor, he might have lost an eye and/or suffered an concussion.

It’s reasons like this that the “visor issue” is a hot topic in the NHL. I understand that the athletes want to appear tough. But if I was an owner, I’d want my GM to protect my investment by enforcing necessary safety regulations on players. I hate likening the players to cattle, since the the recent lockout is still a very sore topic to allude to… but… a rancher builds a fence and invests in a shot gun to prevent the herd being lost to predators. Why on Earth would an owner not want to prevent paying out massive contracts to I.R. players that take unnecessary risks? Seems dumb to me. But I’m just a fan, so what the hell do I know?

Washington would go on to win the game 6 – 5 in OT.

Edmonton Oilers

Who is the “Best” Young Oiler? (Editorial)

I was recently asked by a friend, “Who is the best young Oiler?” This is due to the fact I follow the team as a fan regularly. I decided to take up the challenge from my own take on the current roster, but to focus on the players I’ve seen more often than not this season. Yes, I realize I am omitting some significant talent in the club.
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Arizona Coyotes

Raffit Rorres

It’s pretty amazing that a player I’ve never heard of can serve a 21 game suspension for a late hit to the head. But according the the all mighty and knowledgeable TSN, it is the case. And naturally, as we all know, everything on the internet is true.



The NHL Buys Full Page Newspaper Ads To “Apologize” To Fans.

You read that right. “Like you, we’ve missed NHL hockey.” At least the advertisement says.

Do you forgive them? I certainly do not. Yes, I am quite happy that my favorite sport to watch is back, and I can enjoy it from the comfort of home. I still can’t afford to expand my cable package to watch games not offered at a basic cable level. I certainly cannot afford tickets to live games, either.

This ad claims the NHL is “committed to earning back your trust and support” with “hard work and unwavering dedication.”

Really? After playing the media, and subsequently the fans for months and bickering over money… THIS is how you choose to make good with the fans? By spending money on newspaper ads in every team’s market and a number of national papers in Canada and the United States?

I call bullshit on the NHL’s apology. After the 2005-6 lockout, the commissioner promised to give back to the fans with reduced ticket prices. That didn’t happen. The told us they wanted to re-earn out trust then as well to prevent another lockout. That obviously was sincere.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot spend any money on this league this year. Yes, granted in part to a limited income. I suppose I could make some financial sacrifices to invest in going to watch a game live. I could. But that’s not going to happen either. I refuse to spend any money on this league this season. I will watch and use the game for my own enjoyment. I will record games so I can skip through all advertising purchased.

The NHL could have not wasted their money on these newspaper ads and supplemented arenas by providing free tickets to home games through a lottery system for fans. They could offer the cable packages for fans for free. That would have been a sincere gesture. Maybe actually GIVE back to the fans they used to further their own monetary agenda? Don’t expect any money from this guy. Not a penny.


PUCK YOU!: The Self Imposed NHLPA deadline comes, and goes.

The NHL self-imposed “disclaimer of interest” deadline at 12 AM EST has come and passed us by. Meanwhile the former Baseball Union guy Donald Fehr and the Gary “raisin balls” Bettman continued to play Halo 4 trying to remember they were supposed to do something. “HEAD SHOT BITCH!” and “YOU FUCKING HAXOR!!” were heard through the walls from rabid Canadian “journalists” enslaved to stand in the cold streets of New York awaiting some kind of closure. But that is not what they received.

Sleep tight!

Damn right, sleep tight little skater (or goalie, I suppose). Your NHL is not dead in the water. In fact, the nonchalent press conference that finally did follow shortly after 1 AM EST was a sign of good things to come. I promise you nothing. I am a fan, not a fucking “insider.”

Here’s my break down as I watched the press conference go down tonight.

Just prior the press conference as the deadline passed: “The fuck? It’s probably good nothing has been leaked yet, and no announcements made. The self-imposed deadline doesn’t mean they still can’t file. The NHLPA deadline is like a Brian Burke deadline. I might just end up staying up and watching Canada play the US live after all…”

Shortly thereafter, I posted my live reactions to the press conference as lazy bastards, ThatDamnDoubleC and ThinkSoJoE smart-ass-phoned it in:

GoftheInternet: “And… they have decided to reconvene tomorrow. Nothing about the disclaimer in Fehr’s comments, so that’s a pretty positive sign at this moment…”

ThatDamnDoubleC: “We need some kind of hockey news update on the website. Kinda like when Kurt Loder did MTV news..”

GoftheInternet: “Feel free. The Bettman has yet to talk yet. Oh, there’s the troll right now… Basic statement from both: “I’m tired. We made progress, we can’t get into the details and we are meeting again tomorrow.” Bettman elaborates, there was no disclaimer issued or reference of it happening. It was a co-joint request not to file, he believes. Bettman doesn’t want to get into specifics. Total bullet dodging.”

ThatDamnDoubleC: “In other words.. We got nothing?”

GoftheInternet: “Pension plans… Bettman is vague, but doesn’t sound too angry. He’s a neutral colour like grey. Still good.”

ThinkSoJoE: “In other words, we get to sit around all day again tomorrow and hope they make some progress.”

GoftheInternet: “Yes. Nothing to make anything worse. This is actually good. I just watched the entire press conference for both guys. They are clearly keeping quiet for a good reason. Everything else that is reported on sports dirt sheets/media will be completely speculation and filling time slots until normal programming resumes. Survivor Naut G, signing off.”

Then I went on twitter @Goftheinternet and twatted: “The NHL/NHLPA have paused and will continue from their save point tomorrow. Nothing more needs to be said, so shut the fuck up #NHLlockout”

So what does this all mean? Nothing, actually. Well not officially. But it does mean the old angry men are tired, but think they are making progress. And the threat of blowing up the NHLPA is currently on hold. Can the NHLPA still blow up the union, real good? Fuck, yes they can. We’re not out of the woods yet, so Ilya Bryzgalov needs to remain horrible frightened by the angry bears that lurk in that forest. Or maybe getting bought out by the Flyers. But the latter means shit until this gets resolved. What we do know is that things could be much worse, and there truly is still a possibility of an NHL season at this time. Later.