The Ultimate Hockey Fighter Tournament – Second Round

16 eliminated. 16 remain. Who advances on? That’s entirely up to you!

Last week, Joey Kocur advanced to the Quarter Finals, defeating Peter Worrell.

This week, a co-favourite to take out the whole shooting match, takes on a fighter with a wealth of experience.

Mike Peluso
Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues, Calgary Flames
6’4″ 210 lbs
5×20 NHL Fights in a season
7×15 NHL Fights in a season
179 NHL Fights 19.9 FPY

Tie Domi
Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Winnipeg Jets, Toronto Maple Leafs
5’10″ 207 lbs
6×20 NHL Fights in a season
11×15 NHL Fights in a season
278 NHL Fights 17.4 FPY

What happened when these two squared off:


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