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How To Be A Hockey Player (Beer League).

This excellent video comes in from Hockey Community, and it plays off of the culture of beer league hockey as the title of this post suggests.


I sent out a tweet to Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski of “Marek vs Wyshynski” who constantly encourage people who like hockey to start a blog, podcast, or something, to do so. So I’m taking them up on these folk’s behalf. This is a great video, and it’s hard not to enjoy it as a fan.

Tweet the hell out of those four dudes. Get them some attention. This video is solid. Enjoy!


Pacioretty vs Marek vs Wyshynski

After a mere three weeks in the Swiss League playing for Ambri Piotta, Max Pacioretty is headed home with a flu and an inflamed elbow. With the lockout still pending a decision, it’s hard to keep sane as a hockey fan in North America. Thank goodness for Jeff Marek and Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski keeping their Marek VS Wyshynski podcast going and entertaining it’s fans with satire and hockey news. You can check that show out here. In honor of the entertainment it’s given me, it inspired me to make a meme based on a reoccurring gag on that show.