The UHF Tournament

The Ultimate Hockey Fighter Tournament – First Round

Welcome one and all. It is finally here, the beginning of the Ultimate Hockey Fighter Tournament. 32 of hockey’s best fighters square off in a single-elimination tournament to determine just who is the Ultimate Hockey Fighter.

The winner of the previous matchup is.. Andrew Peters! He faces the winner of the following:

This matchup represents the final pairing in the first quarter of the draw.. and the only European in the tournament.

Krzysztof Oliwa
New Jersey Devils, Columbus Blue Jackets, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Calgary Flames, New Jersey Devils
6’5″ 240 lbs
3×20 NHL Fights in a season
6×15 NHL Fights in a season
178 NHL Fights 20.5 FPY

Jay Miller
Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings
6’2″ 210 lbs
5×20 NHL Fights in a season
7×15 NHL Fights in a season
171 NHL Fights 24.4 FPY

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