Why The Capitals are Falling!

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Oh the Washington Capitals. If your a fan then these just arent troubling times, its that we know these times all so well. If you hate the Capitals, then you’re pretty much enjoying the 6 game loosing streak. The Capitals not only have a great coach but they have a great team. I will go through a few points as why I think the Capitals are going along theyre loosing ways. For once i wish that the capitals can get on top and stay on top. Now remember this is just my point of view. I’m not a professional writer, BUT i have the Washington Capitals inked all over my body. So if anything, I might know a little about them.



First, no one can blame the captain or the coaching staff. they have been doing everything to get this team on the right path. when Oates came into the picture he had a team who didn’t know which direction to go. Adam was able to get through to this team at least he did to Ovechkin. now if this was a couple seasons ago i would be blaming this on Ovie. Going for a second straight year in a row he has great hopes of capslogobeing #1 goal scorer at the end of the season. when we have needed him to step up, he has! I am more than proud to say our captain is the great 8! Ovie combined with Oates and the coaching staff have been able to solidify a great power play and great one timers from the great 8!



Second, our defense needs to provide more. Carlson and Green have been stepping it up and our rookie D’s are doing good, but we need better depth. They also need better communication. How many times have we lost leads cause our depth and defense wasn’t ready. We need to rely on defense and aggressive defense not offensive D. I think if we were to put some D on the trading block, it might light a fire under their butts! and to stop putting all the pressure under the rookies. Carrick and schmitt shouldn’t be taking all the heat. look at our vets who haven’t been doing anything. More blocked shots, aggressive playing, thats what we need from our Defense.



Third, We HAVE to do something about our goalie situation. i mean keeping 3 goalies on the roster is pointless. I personally think Holtby or Nievirth needs to go. I think Holtby has been way overrated, his GAA is crazy and he doesn’t even try, or at least in my eyes. I have never thought Nievy has ever been starting material. I just dont think he has it in him. If we dont fix our goalie situation, expect us to be watching the playoffs not in it. I think if we had a great vet starting goalie to help the rookies and newbies we would be alot better. i really also want to stop hearing HOLTBEAST, if he was a beast why are we doing so bad, think about it. I want another Kolzig goalie , one that shows pride in that caps jersey and trys his best every night. we have to get this problem fixed.


Last, WE NEED A NEW GM!!!!!!, Mcfee is nothing but a joke, he is the main reason the Capitals are doing so bad. I hope he sees how bad that trade for Erat went. I mean in the past 2 years hes cleared up soo much cap space, what the hell is he doing! you let Hendricks go, what right now we could use him with all these games going to a shootout. You see all these free agents and all these players on the trade block and yet you do nothing. yea lets just sit back and watch our team go down the drain. Thats his attitude. I really hope we can get a new GM soon, if not i really dont see much progress being made. He stands there and does nothing, absolutely nothing. Its a shame to us fans to have to go through it.



Again, these are my opinions, nothing more. No matter what I WILL always be a fan. but im not getting younger and I want us to get that cup. So whatever it is that we need to do, lets do it!!

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  1. Not trying to be too mean, but did anyone bother to proof this before publishing? I am not exaggerating when I say this is an utter travesty to the Englisg language.

  2. Anybody ever hear of proof reading? This looks like a Nigerian scam artist wrote this. Maybe the Capital's first problem is finding somebody that can blog that knows how to read.

    There, Their, They're. Three different words, 3 different meanings. All used wrong. This post has so many grammar errors its not even possible to know what this guy is talking about. Maybe BoredHockeyFan should pick up a couple of English books before he writes his next post.

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