The Junior Report #6- May, The 4th Be With Us!

Last time we talked or well you read what I wrote, Canada was gearing up to take on Finland. Winner goes for Gold loser plays for Bronze. As you know Im not doing the play by play thing here go to your favorite sports website to read all those stats. Ill just let you know how I felt about Canada’s performance in the game.


Thank you Mr. Sherman, Anyway Finland dominated and Canada put up a stinker managing 3 shots! 3 FREAKING SHOTS in the 3rd period. So the Gold-less drought since 2009 continues and Canada would battle the Russians for the 2nd year in a row for Bronze. Good news Canada showed up in this game. Bad News Canada lost #badnewsbarret. We failed to  muster up much offense and lost to the Russians. So for the first time since 1982 yes 1982. That was 2 years BEFORE Hulk Hogan won the WWF title for the first time. Canada for back-to-back years failed to hit the podium.


I get it that they are just kids and they are young but come on WERE FREAKING CANADA.  CANADA IS OUR GAME! Any Ice is home Ice blah blah blah. Anything outside a Gold Medal at the Olympics or we need to do some serious soul searching at the Offices of Hockey Canada. Did you see those commercials that played during the Juniors.( In Canada) It was all about how any Ice in the World know matter where it is is Canada Ice. Great commercial but here is the thing. Not our Ice. Finland, Sweden, Russia, The Americans, Czech Republic are all taking a huge chunk out of our Ice. They became just as good if not better then the Canadians. Finishing 4th last year should have been a kick in the but that the other countries are getting better. This year we placed 4th again. We need to figure this out and fast. Despite finishing 4th place this year all expectations are going to be Gold or bust.  Next year  Leaf Nation and the Les Habitants (Toronto/Montreal) are hosting the tournament another 4th place finish will be a disaster so we need to get better. This was a super  young team this year and 11 players are eligible to return next year. I say 4 or 5 of those will be in the NHL next year but we need to use that player experience and once again get back to where we belong. On the Podium Gold on our chests singing “O Canada” off key! Because nothing I mean nothing sounds better then that.

That’s going to wrap up this and most likely this year’s final “The Junior Report” I did promise you some “Overtime” editions and I will bring those to you soon enough. Also I have enjoyed my time here on BHF so I don’t think I will be gone forever not sure what future articles will be about but I will also figure that out in due time. I got a 2 year old and wife that “wants to spend time together when she is home” so I dont have much spare “Dan Time”. Thank you for all that read this much appreciated hope you enjoyed.

For I am Dan Thompson and now “Your Moment of Zen”






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