The Junior Report #6- May, The 4th Be With Us!

Last time we talked or well you read what I wrote, Canada was gearing up to take on Finland. Winner goes for Gold loser plays for Bronze. As you know Im not doing the play by play thing here go to your favorite sports website to read all those stats. Ill just let you know how I felt about Canada’s performance in the game.


Thank you Mr. Sherman, Anyway Finland dominated and Canada put up a stinker managing 3 shots! 3 FREAKING SHOTS in the 3rd period. So the Gold-less drought since 2009 continues and Canada would battle the Russians for the 2nd year in a row for Bronze. Good news Canada showed up in this game. Bad News Canada lost #badnewsbarret. We failed to  muster up much offense and lost to the Russians. So for the first time since 1982 yes 1982. That was 2 years BEFORE Hulk Hogan won the WWF title for the first time. Canada for back-to-back years failed to hit the podium.


I get it that they are just kids and they are young but come on WERE FREAKING CANADA.  CANADA IS OUR GAME! Any Ice is home Ice blah blah blah. Anything outside a Gold Medal at the Olympics or we need to do some serious soul searching at the Offices of Hockey Canada. Did you see those commercials that played during the Juniors.( In Canada) It was all about how any Ice in the World know matter where it is is Canada Ice. Great commercial but here is the thing. Not our Ice. Finland, Sweden, Russia, The Americans, Czech Republic are all taking a huge chunk out of our Ice. They became just as good if not better then the Canadians. Finishing 4th last year should have been a kick in the but that the other countries are getting better. This year we placed 4th again. We need to figure this out and fast. Despite finishing 4th place this year all expectations are going to be Gold or bust.  Next year  Leaf Nation and the Les Habitants (Toronto/Montreal) are hosting the tournament another 4th place finish will be a disaster so we need to get better. This was a super  young team this year and 11 players are eligible to return next year. I say 4 or 5 of those will be in the NHL next year but we need to use that player experience and once again get back to where we belong. On the Podium Gold on our chests singing “O Canada” off key! Because nothing I mean nothing sounds better then that.

That’s going to wrap up this and most likely this year’s final “The Junior Report” I did promise you some “Overtime” editions and I will bring those to you soon enough. Also I have enjoyed my time here on BHF so I don’t think I will be gone forever not sure what future articles will be about but I will also figure that out in due time. I got a 2 year old and wife that “wants to spend time together when she is home” so I dont have much spare “Dan Time”. Thank you for all that read this much appreciated hope you enjoyed.

For Boredhockeyfan.com I am Dan Thompson and now “Your Moment of Zen”







The Junior Report #5- Swiss Boom Bah!

Welcome one and all to the 5th Edition of The Junior Report!

I’m your host with the most, the rum to your egg nog, the Hawk to your Animal. My name is Dan Thompson let’s get on down to Bizz-nazz (thats me trying to reach out to our urban demographic)

Today was the battle to end all battles Canada vs Switzerland. Well it wasn’t the battle to end all battles but the Swiss do play a very distinct game and did give Canada some trouble. Canada did open the scoring, yep you read that right finally Canada struck first and got up 1-0 with a goal from Curtiz Lazar (17th overall 2013 Ottawa Senators) then after getting tripped on a breakaway chance the player who went from being on the “cut bubble” to one of the standouts for the Canadians Anthony Mantha (20th overall Detroit Red Wings) scored to put Canada up 2-0.

Griffin Reinhart (4th overall 2012 New York Islanders) returned in the previous game against the Americans after serving a 3 game IIHF suspension and has been stellar since his return putting up a goal and an assist during the game today. His brother Max is currently playing for the Abbotsford Heat in the AHL after being a Calgary Flames draft pick in 2010 and his younger brother who also plays for Team Canada is draft eligible this year in 2014 and could go first overall (Good News Oiler Fans). CanaRda did take this game 4-1 and now will take on Finland in the Semi-Finals after the Fins beat the Czech Republic 5-3. Russia beat the Americans 5-3 and Sweden rolled over Slovakia 6-0 in the other games today. In the last Junior Report I predicted that the Americans would take out the  Russians but I was wrong. I was how ever right about Canada.Sweden and Finland winning. I do believe it will be The Canadians taking on Sweden for the Gold.

But before Gold is the Blue and White of Finland and Canada will take them on Saturday Morning. That’s going to wrap it up for me so until next time, For Boredhockeyfan.com I am Dan Thompson. You Stay Classy Swift Current!


The Junior Report #4- That’s The Way (Uh Huh Huh) I Like It

Welcome one and all to the fourth edition of The Junior Report!

At this point it feels like its been a year since I brought you the last Junior Report, I was meaning to write one after the Slovaks game then a combined one after the clash with the US but due to “technical difficulties” and the fact I had to go serve people food on New Year’s Eve I wasn’t able to do it.  So now  I bring you this Mega ultimate jumbo edition where we will discuss not only the game against the Slovaks and the USA game but also a look ahead to tomorrow’s Quarter-final match’s.

When we last spoke Canada fell to the Czech’s by a score of 5-4 I said let’s not hit the panic button just yet that if Canada played there game that they will be just fine in this tournament…… cue us being down 3-1 to Slovakia and me smashing the panic button with my fists. Then Canada woke up scored 4 unanswered goals and beat the Slovaks 5-3. Zach Fucale (36th Overall 2013 Montreal Canadians) took over the goal tending reigns  and while he was far from spectacular he was good enough to help Canada win the game.

Then came the match-up all Canadian fans were looking forward to. The New Year’s Eve showdown against the Americans. To say I was nervous for our chances in this game would be a understatement. Despite having a 2-0-1 record I didn’t think Canada outside of the Germany game ever really commanded the play. They took penalties against the Slovaks that cost them and  the goal tending wasn’t stellar neither.

Canada once again got off to a slow start and gave up the first goal. It was looking like the same same with the Canadians but this time they were killing off those penalties and the goal tending became stellar. Zach Fucale played a great game and made some great saves. 24 hours after scoring some key goals agianst the Slovaks Nic Petan (43rd overall 2013 Winnipeg Jets) signed his first pro contract  with the Jets and also got Canada on the board. 16 year old sensation Connor McDavid (Eligible 2015) and Curtis Lazar (17th overall 2013 Ottawa Senators) also scored and Canada won 3-1. They won Group A and will now take on the Swiss in the quarter-finals. It should be of note that the quarter-finals are different from  years past. Usually The winner of Group A and Group B would get a bye to the semi-finals and the 2nd and 3rd seed teams would do battle. This year no teams get a bye and 4 teams from each group make it to the quarter-finals.

 1A- Canada Vs 4B Switzerland , 2B Finland Vs 3A Czech Republic

1B-  Sweden Vs 4A Slovakia , 2A USA vs 3B Russia.

If Canada wins they will take on the winner of Finland/Czech Republic, and the Sweden/Slovakia winner would battle USA/Russia winner so my predictions are….

Canada Vs Finland

Sweden Vs USA

Gold- Canada Vs Sweden

Bronze- USA Vs Finland.

That should about wrap it up for another addition of the Junior Report. I hope to do another Overtime edition plus my thoughts on the Canada/Swiss game. Until next time for boredhockeyfan.com I’m Dan Thompson. Happy New Year Everyone !






The Junior Report Overtime- O Captain, My Captain!

Welcome to the first edition of Overtime where we look back at the history of Canada in the World Junior’s. In this debut edition we will take a look  at the last 10 players who donned the “C” for Team Canada and where they are now. Without further adieu lets get down to business.

2004 – Silver Medal-  LW Daniel Paille (2oth overall 2002 Buffalo Sabres)

Daniel Pallie was originally drafted by the Buffalo Sabres and remained with the team until the 2009-2010 Season when he was traded to the Boston Bruins for a third round and conditional fourth round pick. Paille was a part of Buffalo/Boston history as he was the first player in history that was under contract to be traded between the two teams. 

NHL- GP- 459 G-74 A- 73 P-147

2005- Gold Medal- C Mike Richards (24th Overall 2003 Philadelphia Flyers)

Mike Richards was drafted 24th overall by the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. Before the start of the 2007-2008 Season, Richards became the 17th captain in the history of the Flyers. During the Summer before the 2011-2012 season he was traded to the Los Angeles Kings. He is the only player to Win the Memorial Cup (CHL) The Calder Cup (AHL) The Stanley Cup (NHL) and Both World Championships (IIHF and World Junior IIHF)

NHL- GP- 614 G-169 A-283 P-452

2006- Gold Medal- C Kyle Chipchura (18th Overall 2004 Montreal Canadians)

Despite being drafted in 2004 Chipchura didn’t make his NHL debut until the 2007-2008 season. On December 2nd 2009 he was traded to the Anaheim Ducks  for a 4th round pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. He is currently a member of the Phoenix Coyotes.

NHL- GP- 300 G-20 A-45 P-65

2007- Gold Medal- D- Kris Letang (62nd Overall 2005 Pittsburgh Penguins)

In his second full NHL Season in 2008-2009 Kris Letang won the Stanley Cup as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Becoming one of Pittsburgh’s premiere D-men Kris Letang signed an 8-year 58 million dollar contract that will come into effect for the 2014-2015 season.

NHL- GP-409 G-50 A-170 P-220

2008- Gold Medal- D Karl Alzner (5th Overall 2007 Washington Capitals)

Splitting time between the Washington Capitals and there AHL Affiliate the  Hershey Bears for his first two pro seasons. Karl Alzner played his first full season with the Washington Capitals during the 2010-2011 season. On July 10th 2013. Alzner signed a 4-year contract to remain with the Capitals.

NHL-GP- 301 G-5 A-41 P-46

2009- Gold Medal- D- Thomas Hickey (4th Overall 2007 Los Angeles Kings)

Despite being drafted 4th overall by the Kings in 2007. Thomas Hickey never played a game in the NHL for them. Hickey spent 4 full seasons with the Los Angeles Kings AHL affiliate the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL before being claimed of waivers by the New York Islanders in January of 2013. 

GP- 78 G-2 A-8 P-10.

2010- Silver Medal F- Patrice Cormier (54th Overall 2008 New Jersey Devils) 

Patrice Cormier is most widely known for his elbow that seriously injured Mikael Tam of the Quebec Remparts during his playing time in the QMJHL. He faced a huge suspension and was traded to the Atlanta Thrashers before ever playing a game for the Devils. He has spent the majority of his playing career in the AHL playing for then Atlanta affiliate Chicago Wolves then the St.John’s IceCaps after Atlanta’s move to Winnipeg.

NHL- GP- 43 G-1 A-1 P-2

2011- Silver Medal D- Ryan Ellis (11th Overall 2009 Nashville Predators)

Ryan Ellis has spent the early stages of his pro career playing games for both the Nashville Predators and there AHL affiliate the Milwaukee Admirals. He recently played his 100th NHL game.

NHL- GP-101 G-6 A-22 P-28

2012- Bronze Medal C- Jaden Schwartz (14th overall 2010 St.Louis Blues)

Jaden’s older sister Mandi Schwartz was also a hockey player until she was diagnosed with acute myeloid luekemia in 2008. Trying to find a donor Mandi and the entire Schwartz family raised awareness for Bone Marrow and Stem Cell transplants in Canada. Tragically in April 2011 Mandi lost her battle and passed away. Jaden has enjoyed a great 2013-2014 season with the St.Louis Blues netting 12 goals and 15 assists in 35 games.

NHL- GP- 87 G-21 A-22 P-43

2013- 4th Place C- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. (1st overall 2011 Edmonton Oilers)

Thank you to the 2012-2013 NHL lockout Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was named the Captain for Team Canada. Already with NHL experience under his belt Nugent-Hopkins led the tournament with 15 points. Despite the team not taking home a medal for the 1st time since 1998. Nugent-Hopkins is now part of the Oilers  young core along with Hall,Eberle, and Yakupov. 

NHL- GP- 141 G-32 A-74 P-106

This year C- Scott Laughton (20th overall 2012 Philadelphia Flyers) dons the “C” for Canada as they hope to sit atop the podium 1 more time with the Gold. Thank you very much for the reading the Overtime edition of The Junior Report. I hope you enjoyed looking back at the players that became house hold names during the Christmas season in Canada. Ill Be back with the 4th Edition of the Junior Report after the Slovakia game and watch out for the next Overtime edition where we will be looking if Canada performs better on Home ice or Abroad.

Until Next Time for BoredHockeyFan.com Im Dan Thompson. Good Night and Good Luck.




The Junior Report #3-Czech Mate!

Welcome one and all to the third edition of The Junior Report!

Are we expecting to much out of Team Canada? Every year  we have a Gold or Bust mentality. Is it fair to put that kind of pressure on kids that were born during the WWF’s New Generation Era? To be fair we have sent the 2nd youngest team ever (next to the 1987 team but more on them later). So do we just expect to much, so when they lose like they did today we automatically hit the panic button? If you didnt get a chance to catch the game Canada dropped a 5-4 decision to the Czech Republic in a shootout and never had the lead in the game as they were always playing catch-up.

Im not sure if I would be hitting the panic button just yet but I have my keys ready in the glass case. First off let’s start with the Goaltender  Jake Paterson (80th Overall 2012 Detroit Red Wings) he wasn’t solid when he needed to be and let in some soft goals especially during the shootout.    Im expecting Zach Fucale (36th Overall 2013 Montreal Canadians) to get the nod Monday when they take on Slovakia. Speaking of the Slovakia game we need to see a 60 minute dominating performance from Canada if they want to have any hope against the Americans on New Year’s Eve. Canada showed a lot of good today and a lot of bad. I think they are playing to fancy of a game. Trying to be to cute with to much passing. Shoot the Puck get those garbage goals crash the net. Last games hero Anthony Mantha (20th Overall 2013 Detroit Red Wings) took a bad too many men penalty that while resulted in  a short handed goal also gave the Czech’s a powerplay goal. Connor McDavid (Eligible 2015)  sat in the sin bin on two occasions and thus didn’t see much playing action in the third until he was called upon to save the game during the shootout and came up short.

Russia,Sweden. and the USA are the pinnacle teams right now  and if Canada hopes to pass them all the way to Gold then a performance like today won’t do. This is a young team yes and they are bound to make mistakes. Let’s consider today’s game the mistake and play mistake free hockey from here on out. I believe pressure is good I believe that we should live by The Gold Standard. (Not Shelton Benjamin). These kids have grown up knowing the pressure that comes along with this tournament. Also if they hope to make the NHL the pressure is always on 24/7. Despite being  one of the youngest team’s Canada has a lot of talent on it and it’s now about time to show off that talent.

As I Mentioned in my previous edition of the Junior Report I said I wanted to do more then play-by-play and bring something different to the BoredHockeyFan.com Universe. So I will also be writing a new non game day article The first edition will be called “O Captain, My Captain” We will take a look on the last 10 players who donned a “C” for Team Canada and see what they are doing today. Look for The Junior Report Extra Edition! coming up early tomorrow morning right here on BoredHockeyFan.com.

For BoredHockeyFan.com I’m Dan Thompson and that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.


The Junior Report #2- You The Mantha!

Welcome one and all to the second edition of The Junior Report!

Well the games have officially begun. It was Day 1 of the 2014 World Juniors! No more pre-competition now the games really mattered. Canada opened up against Germany and like the previous “pre-competition” games Canada found themselves down early as a weird bounce put the Germans up 1-0. Canada quickly responded with a beautiful set up and play by Matt Dumba (7th Overall 2012 Minnesota Wild)  to tie it up at 1-1 then go up 2-1 before Adam Pelech (65th Overall 2012 New York Islanders) gave away the puck for the Germans to tie it up at 2-2. Canada then took control for the rest of the game and was lead by Anthony Mantha (20th overall 2013 Detroit Red Wings) who scored a Hat trick and lead Canada to a 7-2 victory. Canada played well and you can see the chemistry coming together just need to wake up early in the game as other teams might not be as easy to come back against. In other scores Russia dominated Norway by a score of 11-0. The USA topped the Czech Republic by a score of 5-1 and Sweden sneaked by Switzerland 5-3. Canada takes on the Czech Republic on Saturday Morning 11:30am EST on TSN.

Now when I decided to give this blog/article a shot I didn’t feel like just doing play by play I wanted to give something else something different to read that you might not read everywhere else so In the coming editions of The Junior Report! We will look back at the NHL Success or failures of the last 10 players that donned the “C” for Team Canada. We will also look into if Canada performs better on home ice or not. Also an article on the infamous “Punch-Up in Piestany”. That and many more on future editions of The Junior Report !

For Boredhockeyfan.com I am Dan Thompson, ‘Have a Good Night And A Pleasant Tommorow”


The Junior Report. #1- Let The Real Games Begin

Welcome one and all to the inaugural edition of The Junior Report.

The King of the BHF kingdom Mr. Gee Hall inquired if anyone like to do a few write up’s on the  IIHF u20 world championship also known as the World Juniors.  I jumped at the chance like a umm like a ok I dont have a good metaphor right now If I think of one I’ll let you know.

Growing up in Canada, The World Junior tournament is a Christmas tradition, along with Egg Nog and snowy weather and Christmas Specials on TV it’s part of the season and something I look forward to every year. The tournament started all the way back in 1977. (They did play similar tournaments 1974-76 but they were never official) Since 1977 the Medal table has been dominated by Canada and Soviet Union/Russia. Combined the teams have won 28 of the 36 gold medals.

Im sure I have watched the tournament since entering this World in October of 86′ but my  first tournament I really recall  was held in 1995 just up the road from Calgary in Red Deer Alberta. That year is a round-robin format with the top 3 teams winning Gold,Silver,Bronze respectably. Canada took Gold that year and was so good they dominated. That domination continued until 1998 when Canada put up a stinker and finished 8th overall (Canada’s worst ever finish in the tournament). They failed to win gold again until 2005 when they went on a streak of 5 straight gold medals they last one being in 2009. Canada ended up finish 4th last year failing to win a medal since that disappointing 1998 year.

That brings us to the 2014 edition of the World Juniors. As I am writing this Canada had just finished playing 3 “pre-competition”  games winning 2 and losing 1. Despite winning 2 games in my eyes Canada hasn’t been playing that dominating run over you style that I come to expect from them. TSN Hockey Analyst Bob McKenzie has noted that this years version of Team Canada lacks in speed but excels in Hockey IQ meaning they play a very smart game. In Game 1 they came out flat against Finland falling behind 2-0 before coming from behind to win it 4-2. 16 year old Connor McDavid (Eligible 2015)   was the best player for Team Canada getting 2 assists. Game 2 was the same as Game 1 coming out flat against a fantastic Sweden team being outshot in the first period 16-5. This time however Canada never got really anything going and lost the game 3-0 .  Despite losing 3-0 the best player on the ice for Team Canada was goaltender Jake Paterson (2012,3rd Round,80th overall,Detroit Red Wings). Paterson again got the start in the 3rd game against the Swiss, Again Canada come out flat took an early penalty and were down 1-0 early. Before the Swiss took about 56 penalties in a row Canada gained a 2-1 lead then won the game 4-1. A better game overall but I still see lots of room for improvement. Canada was on the power play a lot this game and I don’t think they executed all there chances to well.  Jonathon Drouin (2013, 1st Round 3rd overall Tampa Bay Lightning) put 2 up on the board and played a very sound game.

The Real games start December 26th Boxing Day here in Canada. While others are waiting in line at 5am for a discount on a new TV I will be watching Canada open up the tourney against Germany. Its going to be a tough road back to Gold for Canada this year and I will be your guide along the way.

Thanks For Reading!