That Damn Hockey Blog: NBC, Rogers and Bell. Oh My!


On April 19, 2011 NBC Sports, agreed to a ten-year deal with the NHL to have the rights to broadcast the League on their various networks (NBC and Versus, which later became the NBC Sports Network), worth nearly 2 billion dollars.


TSN and CBC currently have the majority share in the TV rights deal in Canada, with the deal expiring at the end of this season.


On November 26, 2013, Rogers Communications secured the TV rights in deal for Canada in a 12-year, 5.2 billion dollar deal with the NHL for exclusive rights. This means that not only is the joint partnership between TSN and CBC over, TSN are completely out of the equation, only getting Jets and Canadiens games through TSN Regional networks. Rogers were good enough to allow CBC to retain it’s Hockey Night In Canada, which includes Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry, on Saturday Nights, but many feel that it could only last 4 of the 12 years in the deal, which could see a tradition that started on television in 1952, come to an end.

So what does this mean?

For Sportsnet, it means they are the #1 player now when it comes to Hockey on television in Canada, since they held the rights from 1998-2002. They control hockey media in Canada as you know it.

For TSN, well they’ll still probably continue to provide the same expert analysis that they’ve done when they’ve had the rights. Don’t expect too many to jump off the TSN boat for the Rogers sunshine.

For CBC, after four years, a 61 year tradition could very much say goodbye. Rogers have full control over HNIC, and CBC don’t make any revenue from it either, as that goes to Rogers.

Big deals seem to be the thing for Gary Bettman these days. Ten years for NBC with the US TV rights, Twelve years for Rogers with the Canadian TV rights, the CBA between the owners and the players is for ten years starting January 9 2013. This TV rights deal is huge. Like massively huge. For so much to head to just one network, as opposed to the NFL/NBA/MLB going to a series of networks.

This is only a brief summary of what happened, as it’s been over a week since the news was announced, but just remember one thing my Canadian friends. It doesn’t matter who broadcasts it, the hockey will still be there. Until the next lockout that is.

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