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NHL 14 Dynamic Ratings Updates

The developers of NHL have released more details on their upcoming NHL 14, scheduled to release September 10 in North America.

NHL 14 will now feature a dynamic ratings system for “Play Now” and “Online Versus” mode, based on how they play in real-life!

For example, if Sidney Crosby performs well over a stretch of games, then his in-game character will get a ratings boost, whereas if Crosby played poorly for a stretch, then his in-game character’s ratings will decrease.

You’ll be able to check which players are on a “hot” or “cold” streak but checking in the edit lines screen, or the Starting Lineups loading screen and checking a player singularly will tell you which categories are changed based on their streak.

Full details on the new Dynamic Ratings can be found at the link below:

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NHL 14 – Enforcer Engine Insight

More details have been released, as to how the Enforcer Engine will be integrated into NHL 14. They were revealed as hidden Easter eggs in the NHL 14 trailer released recently. For those who didn’t catch the Easter eggs, here’s a detailed look at what they were, courtesy of..

  1. All-new Third Person Presentation: Say goodbye to the first person fighting system that was introduced in NHL 10. The Enforcer Engine brings an all-new authentic third person experience that will never break you away from the on-ice action.
  2. Post-Fight Celebrations: Fights are intense. Winning a fight is electrifying. You will celebrate the thrill of winning a fight by engaging the crowd or taunting your opponent.
  3. Everyone is Live: No more first person fighting mini-game where everyone leaves the ice. Players on the ice will interact with each other, pairing off and jostling. The ref will also be a part of the action.
  4. Real Fight Damage: The black eyes, bruising and lumps you take in a fight will last throughout the game. NHL hockey can be a battle. Now you’ll have the scars to prove it.

This sounds like that the game could mean that the game may continue at times, whilst a fight is starting, which would be good, but only it if it seamless and not some kind of loading screen in between the two. Post-Fight Celebrations seem pointless. All-in brawls of yesteryear could finally make it into a video game! The days of when Steve Ott, Sean Avery and Krys Barch would take on entire teams, only without biased Boston Bruins commentary, as in the video below.


Real Fight Damage sounds like a good idea, but unless they have a lot more close-up shots of players, there isn’t really much point, as you don’t see faces of players all that much, unless they score goals or have a lot of hits/saves etc. All good ideas on paper, but it will be interesting to see how these look when the game hits shelves this September.