Press Release: “Hockey Addicts Guide: New York City”


Where to Eat, Drink & Play the Only Game That Matters

If the genre of hockey tourism has not received much attention, it’s because Evan Gubernick has just invented it with this guide, the first in a new series: HOCKEY ADDICT’S GUIDE: NEW YORK CITY [The Countryman Press; on sale March 13, 2018; $14.95; Paperback].

Packed with everything you need to immerse yourself in New York City’s unique hockey culture, HOCKEY ADDICT’S GUIDE is a must-read for local fans, beer-league devotees, youth hockey-obsessed families, and visitors alike.  Find out:

  • Where to show up for the best pickup games, and where to grab a beer after the game
  • How to get your skates sharpened at the tiny fifth-floor shop only the locals know
  • How to find outdoor rinks that aren’t crowded with tourists holding hands
  • Where to cheer on the Rangers, the Devils, and the Islanders (and even the women’s team that plays out in New Jersey, the Metropolitan Riveters!)
  • Where hockey fans hang out off the ice, from sneaker boutiques to bike shops to beer gardens
  • Where to root for non-New York teams among fellow transplanted fans — including the one place in New York City where it’s acceptable to cheer for Boston

Organized around major hockey hubs like Madison Square Garden, the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, and the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, this guide offers deeply opinionated recommendations on where to eat, drink, sleep, and shop like a New York City hockey fan.

Stay at the urban dude ranch run by a retired hockey pro, buy hard-to-find jerseys from the best vintage shop in town, and grab a King Henrik coctail at the Tribeca bar co-owned by Rangers’ goalie Henrik Lundqvist.  Eat at the Italian restaurant recommended by the Zamboni driver from Madison Square Garden, or the Chinatown noodle shop where the NYU hockey team refuels late at night.

This is a take-along guidebook that will be pored over, referenced, and most importantly, fiercely debated in locker rooms across the city.

EVAN GUBERNICK is the founder of Snipetown NYC, a magazine devoted to the hockey subculture of New York City, and creative director of 485 Creative.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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