Pardon our dust.

Greetings, fellow Bored Hockey Fans, it is I, the kingpin of the Bored Fanchise, ThinkSoJoE!  Now, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but Bored Hockey Fan has been inaccessible for a little while.  We were continuously having issues with our old server, and while I don’t think they were necessarily caused by BHF, when we tried to re-enable access to this site, things went haywire and the hosting company yelled at me.

I have no idea what caused the issues over there, but I knew that I wanted to get this site over to the new (and thusfar, far more stable) server as soon as I could.  I got all the necessary information from the database to launch here, plus all of our uploaded files (including our podcasts).  I even got the old theme, but I decided that since I was planning on creating a new theme for the site anyway, I’d throw the generic “TwentyFourteen” style that comes with our blogging software up here for the time being instead.

That said, kick back, enjoy a great Winter Classic between the Caps and Hawks, and stick with us!  Everything should be back to normal sometime in January!

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