That Damn Hockey Blog: Apologies for Technical Life Difficulties


It’s been awhile friends. But, unfortunately, that’s the cruel mistress known as life. More work, means less time to write blogs and post for this very website, but that all changes! Whilst, every hockey blogger, reporter and columnist goes on vacation for two months, I plan to be here, providing material for your viewing pleasure. Because we sure have missed a lot haven’t we?

The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup, defeating the New York Hockey Rangers in 5 games. Rich Peverley’s career is in Jeopardy after suffering heart problems during a Dallas Stars/Columbus Blue Jackets matchup. Team Canada won Olympic Gold defeating Team Sweden in the final. Team USA gave up to not even win bronze. Sidney Crosby won the Hart, Scott Hartnell got traded to CBJ, Patrice Bergeron is your NHL 15 Cover guy.. so so much.

There’s a bright side to all this though. The draft is coming up, and then Free Agency.. which will add excitement for the next few weeks.. and before you know it the new season is here, and the circle of hockey life begins again for another year.

I apologize there hasn’t been much content recently, but some things you can’t control and things put on the back burner. But never fear hockey fans. We will be here more regularly in your lives before too long.

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