Banned, huh? Thanks Edmonton.

Just a small gripe. Just a small issue. Thanks to who ever is running the Edmonton Oiler facebook page! Good Job! You Win!

The Oilers have frankly sucked since 2006. They lost game seven to the Hurricanes (on my birthday), and forfeited the Stanley Cup. My own flesh and blood refused to join me in my birthday celebratory viewing because he was convinced watching live would make the Oilers lose. That’s because we the viewer, and our daily routine, of course will change the outcome.

I instead watched the game with a bunch of Calgary Flames fans, who until midway through game seven assured me they were rooting for Edmonton… well, until it was apparent Carolina was taking home the cup.

It was a tough loss to witness. It was my birthday, and this was my team. Think about that.

As a couple of days would pass, I realized my folly. Why should I be angry? Why should hate? It’s difficult living in Calgary as an Edmonton fan, and yet I know many Flames fans that were just a twinkle in their parent’s eyes when Calgary kissed and drank (and lord knows what) out of Lord Stanley’s cup. I realized I was spoiled.

I grew up and watched/enjoyed the last great hockey dynasty in recent decades as the Oilers would not only capture 5 championships, but 1 of which without Wayne.

Last weekend, I was kicking around on facebook, and the “official” Edmonton Oilers website (yes, they are verified) changed their avatar to this:


I somehow got the first response, noting the image change with my comment “Fading….”

The comment got a bunch of likes and positive support for about 20-30 minutes before the “official” Oilers site deleted the comment. I was kind of shocked. I don’t go after “first” or things like that. It just was what it is was.

I guess I could have thrown a jersey on the ice.

Like many fans, I just wanted to comment on the team being terrible. They have been terrible. Frankly, they have sucked. No defense in Edmonton.

Of course this got deleted. And that’s fine. No one wants to dwell on the team sucking. They have a roster full of young players who have had the job of putting the puck in the back of the net for their junior coaches. No one ever taught them how to play defense. I get that.

Tonight, I enjoyed one of my few nights off and sat down to enjoy a game…. I expected a loss. At this point, well….

And, to my chagrin, when I went to post a happy thought, I noticed I could not post comment on any post. You see, they blocked me from being allowed to communicate.

They shut me down from having a voice after 35/37 years of being a fan. A fan who has never wavered. A fan who watched his own team lose game seven on his birthday when his own brother sold him out. A fan who considers Paul Coffey his favorite Oiler of all time.

I don’t know who runs the Oilers facebook account.

I won’t lose any sleep over who does.

I will remain a fan of my team. MY team.

“Fading….”? Really?

But I will say this to the person/people who decided saying “fading….” deserves being blocked.

You are not an Oilers fan.

I just wanted to congratulate them for winning the first game of their year. You ruined that opportunity. Screw you.

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