2015 Draft Lottery: Who Wins the Connor McEichel Sweepstakes?

I know the most important draft lottery in the history of draft lotteries isn’t until the end of the season, where not one, but two, potentially franchise changing players in Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel are both available, but thanks to an awesome website made by Rob Zaenglein, now you can find out just whose franchises will change forever come June 26 in Florida.

How this simulation will work, is that we will simulate 100 draft lotteries, and whomever wins the most lotteries out of that 100, will earn the number one pick in the 2015 entry draft.

If you want to do your own simulation, and check out Rob Zaenglein‘s fine work in the process, check right HERE!

The following shows the 14 teams that would currently be involved in the draft lottery (as of 2nd February 2015), and their odds of winning the #1 overall pick.

Draft Lottery sim 1

The first simulation in, and the Buffalo Sabres win the lottery! Connor McDavid would be playing in Buffalo, making Tim Murray and all Sabres fans very happy! Will this be the same result after 100 simulations? Continue on, as 99 simulations are still to come!

Draft Lottery sim 2

Five simulations down, and our first two-time lottery in the Buffalo Sabres! Edmonton have not won a draft lottery yet in this simulation, but they’ve had enough number one picks, so maybe it’s time to share no?

Draft Lottery sim 3

Ten simulations down, and a new leader emerges, the Arizona Coyotes! Buffalo fall down to two, as seven teams have now won a draft lottery.


Draft Lottery sim 4

A quarter of the simulations have now been completed, and it seems the Oilers want the #1 pick all to themselves, taking the lead for the race to #1. Arizona fall to a clear second, whereas Buffalo fall to 3. Ten of the fourteen teams eligible have won at least one draft lottery.

Draft Lottery sim 5We’re halfway into the simulation, and the Oilers still grasp onto that #1 pick, with an 18% chance of winning. Arizona still hold pick 2, but only just, whereas the LA Kings, are the only eligible franchise, to have not won so far, in this simulation draft lottery.

Draft Lottery sim 6Three-quarters of the way home, and the Buffalo Sabres have taken over the number one pick, from the Edmonton Oilers. Carolina will currently draft third, with Arizona falling down to fourth overall.

Draft Lottery sim 7Ninety down, ten to go, and the Buffalo Sabres look like they will win the #1 overall pick. Edmonton, Arizona and Carolina are set to battle it out for second overall, whereas the Kings look destined for pick 14 in the 2015 Entry Draft.

Draft Lottery sim 8One-hundred simulations, and the Buffalo Sabres will draft first overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft! Edmonton will draft second, with Arizona, Carolina and Columbus rounding out the top five. The Los Angeles Kings will draft fourteenth in the draft lottery, after not winning a single simulation.

With the draft lottery done and won, just who does get drafted by every team involved in the draft lottery? Tune in, as we bring you just who would be drafted by which team, as a result of our draft lottery simulation.

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